Australian Artist; Jess Hannigan recreates traditional art forms translated onto a living canvas with tattoo art. Inspired by watercolour and painting masters such as Albrecht durer  , Georgia O’keeffe  , Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele Jess started her artistic journey with her Visual arts degree, and soon after followed her tattoo apprenticeship. The merge of classic techniques results in a truly unique process, Often hand painting her designs to perfectly recreate the translucent and delicate  nature of paint.

similar to traditional artworks Jess will always prefer pieces that allow artistic freedom- without too many limitations on a subject or piece the artwork is able to naturally evolve and take on a “soul of its own”. Her designs evolve intuitively, often choosing collage or a mix of styles to speak a energy. The result, Is a piece of wearable artwork.

She is especially known for her ability to imitate paint/ process on skin- However, she is constantly pushing boundaries, evolving and growing within her artwork branching amongst many styles. Her main focus Is a tattoo experience with her clients.


“I am captivated by colour and movement…. Living artwork should suggest a story whilst also having an element of mystery” 

I strive for a sense of freedom in my work,Often working intuitively which is why I have a deep connection with the fluid mediums of water colours and collage. collage inspired pieces have allowed me bring together many different elements focusing on contrast, texture, colour and natural flow which I believe is a perfect rendition for wearable living art as people are generally just as fluid, with many different contrasting layers and complexity. They allow us to tell visual stories and ultimately, an efficacious artwork creates a connection with the wearer and viewer. Art that connects is that which you can see, feel and above all experience. living art should suggest a story whilst also having an element of mystery.

Tattooing as a medium is relatively new for me, however my creative process with painting, to journalling to collage and poetry is long.

Tattooing in a personal response, feels like a direct connection to my roots and a times of old. The history of tattooing fascinates me, from tribal markings/ ceremonies to today’s abundance of self-expression and of course holistic experiences. The form and desire to mark the body with illustrations containing personal responses to themselves and their experiences is one that has a history as long as human kind. This, as a tattoo artist is incredibly humbling sharing not only a story of life, but a piece of myself with every tattoo I do.

Tattooing as an art form is one I have an immense passion and love for and I feel incredibly lucky and excited to be a part of it.”  Jess Hannigan