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SALA “jaws and claws” the black diamond- 2015


Private viewing “Paper Moon Tattoo”


Melbourne | RITES OF PASSAGE | 2016 |2015| 2013|

Guest spots

AUCKLAND |2016| “The white rabbit tattoo”

HONG KONG |2017| “bubblegum tattoo workshop”

MELBOURNE |2015| “saygatta”

  • available for guest spots.

Artist statement

Jess will always prefer pieces that allow artistic freedom- without too many limitations on a subject or piece the artwork is able to naturally evolve and take on a “soul of its own”.

She is especially known for her ability to imitate paint/ process on skin- However, she is constantly pushing boundaries, evolving and growing within her artwork branching amongst many styles.


“I am heavily inspired by the natural world and captivated by colour and movement. I seem to always strive for a sense of freedom in my work, which is why I have a deep connection with the fluid, and often irrational mediums of water colours. Although, my relationship with water colour painting is long, tattooing as a medium is relatively new for me.

Tattooing in a personal response, feels like a direct connection to my roots and a times of old. The history of tattooing fascinates me, from tribal markings/ ceremonies to today’s abundance of self-expression. The form and desire to mark the body with illustrations containing personal responses to themselves and their experiences is one that has a history as long as human kind. This, as a tattoo artist is incredibly humbling sharing not only a story of life, but a piece of myself with every tattoo I do.

Tattooing as an art form is one I have an immense passion and love for and I feel incredibly lucky and excited to be a part of it.”  Jess Hannigan


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Watercolour Botanical tattoo- Jess Hannigan
adelaide / art / australia / botanical / colour / Graphic / Tattoo / Watercolour tattoo
Watercolour Tattoo- Jess Hannigan
adelaide / art / australia / botanical / colour / Graphic / Tattoo / Watercolour tattoo
water colour tattoo
art / botanical / colour / Tattoo / Watercolour tattoo
art / botanical / colour / Tattoo
Flower tattoo
art / colour / Graphic / Tattoo
Painted skull tattoo
art / colour / Graphic / Tattoo
Jess Hannigan

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The Paper Moon Art Collective terms & Conditions- Please read carefully- Tattooing is an irreversible procedure & although we take extreme care in producing a satisfactory reproduction of any design …