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Now that you have your new tattoo, you’ll want to take good care of it. Your skin is not a piece of paper, it’s an organ designed to protect your insides and prevent them from spilling into a messy heap on the floor. Once your new tattoo is healed- It will not be as bright or vivid as they day you left the studio. Why? Because a new layer of skin as grown over the top- trapping your pigments underneath, so depending on how much and how little melanin (the chemical in your skin that produces the colour of your skin tone) you have, will determine how well you see the colours of your tattoo. Your skin also exfoliates, it ages over time, your skin stretches and shrinks and may actively reject ink. EVERYONE is different and the variables are great but, for the best result of the products we recommend follow the steps below.

Step 1:  Leave the second skin bandage on for 24 hours
IF IT LAST’S! It all depends on how much blood and plasma is underneath- If it falls off just start step 2 earlier.

Step 2:  Remove the bandage & Wash the tattoo under warm soapy water.
Remove the second skin (you may need to jump in the shower to remove the adhesive) and give the tattoo a thorough wash under warm water (not hot or cold) you may need to wash the new tattoo more than once with an antibacterial soft wash (Dettol and Palmolive are great brands!) let it air dry or Use paper towel to pat (not rub) the area until completely dry.

Step 3:  Reapply a new bandage
apply a thin layer of aftercare cream and then re-apply your replacement bandage.  LEAVE IT ON FOR 3-5 Days.( Don’t worry, The second skin is breathable)  After the 3-5 days your tattoo is well on the way to being healed and only needs minimal washes (daily shower is fine!) keep up with a thin layer of aftercare cream however. Keeping the skin moisturised will only help your tattoo. Forever!

It IS normal for your tattoo to look bloody/ oozy- underneath your bandage. This is because it is an open wound. You may also find the plasma/ blood may leak underneath the bandage too. Wipe away any excess with paper towel.
What to Avoid:

  • Avoid letting the tattoo dry out, but always allow it to breathe.
  • Avoid scented soaps, shampoos, deodorant or other chemicals on the tattoo.
  • Avoid submerging in a bath, pool or bath tub (for both fresh and salt water) for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid picking or scratching the tattoo when it gets itchy, lightly pat the area if you must.
  • Avoid roasting the tattoo in the sun, if the tattoo gets sun-burned it’s absolutely wrecked.
    UV rays will fade and damage a brilliant tattoo very quickly, stay out of it. Apply sunscreen lotion every time you frolic in the sun AFTER the tattoo is healed.

Some people do have allergies to certain adhesives (band aids- tape- etc) Please contact the artist directly if you have any questions or experience any sign of excessive discomfort. We want our work to heal up best it can, only we can offer the best advice. – keep in mind colour and black work do heal differently and more care is needed with colour work J

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