Do Tattoos hurt?”  Yes, they do hurt, but it is not anything you cannot handle. The best description I could give you would be a cat scratch However, everyone feels pain differently, and certain spots can be less tolerable than others.

“Are water colour tattoo’s different to regular tattoo’s? ….”  No, they’re no different to any other tattoo. The procedure is exactly the same however, the technique (the way the ink is penetrated into the skin) is a little different. It is still the same certified ink like any other tattoo.

“How do watercolour tattoos heal and hold over time?” The same! As long as you look after your tattoo during the healing process by following the instructions and continue to take care over your life (minimum sun exposure, regular moisturiser etc.) you will enjoy your new tattoo for many years to come. However, because it is a watercolour effect your tattoo will heal lighter in some parts than others, this is deliberate! To recreate the effect on the skin. I recommend Oztatt skincare with all my tattoos.

“Do you use different ink to regular tattoos?…” No. I (Like every professional tattoo artist in a tattoo studio) only use the best grade tattoo ink available from a certified tattoo supplier

Do you tattoo other people’s designs on already completed tattoos?”  No, and please don’t ask me as the answer will be NO. If you’re after one similar however, we can work something out and I can draw up another based on the design you have seen, but it will not be the same.

Is there a fee for custom drawn designs?” Yes. A $70 drawing fee can be paid by pay pal or cash if a consultation is needed for your tattoo. THIS IS BECAUSE YOUR WATERCOLOUR TATTOO NEEDS TO BE PAINTED BY SCRATCH! By the time it is in a stencil form ready to be tattooed it is a complete piece of artwork on high quality paper, using high quality paint. This is done so you can see the finished piece before you get tattooed and we can create an accurate stencil that holds true to the integrity of how the paint behaves on paper. When translated onto the skin However, Please be mindful that small discrepancies are always going to happen purely because tattoo ink is NOT watercolour paint. It is a completely different medium and will behave differently.  Please also keep in mind small changes are sometimes made to make sure the piece is customised to your body. This includes small drips, extra splashes and sometimes adding more watercolour effects so it translates in the best visual interoperation possible.

“When can I expect the design to be complete?” I rarely will get a completed design painted and sent back for confirmation any time before the night before your appointment. This is so I can really zone in on your particular piece, and it gives me time to paint it! Sometimes I will paint designs for a few days at least, so please be mindful that this stuff takes some time 🙂

“What if I want to make changes to the design after it has been painted and sent back for confirmation?” If, by the odd chance you’re not happy with the design and want to change some minor aspects or “tweaks” let me know and we can correct this before your appointment. If however you wish to change the major structure or have simply changed your mind about what you want you will need to pay another drawing fee of $60 and you will forfeit the original $60 drawing fee. PLEASE be certain on the design you’re after during the consultation and early booking process.

“Do you charge the drawing fee for your ‘up for grabs’ custom pieces?” No, these are pieces I have drawn for fun or side projects that I would love to tattoo. they do not incur a fee unless you wish to buy the artwork as well.

“Do I need to come in for a consultation?…” no, but I prefer meeting you face to face as sometimes things/ explanations of what you’re after can get jumbled if they’re not emailed properly!  Consultations are free and generally last about 15 minutes and held at the studio. Although! Sometimes consultations are UN able to take place due to interstate clients or you’re unable to come in at a suitable time. THIS IS FINE! emails work really well so long as it is kept Simple,  have a clear definition of what you’re after, have outlined the area you wish to get tattooed in pen or texta (and attached this photo as well), have reference pictures you can attach with your email, and a rough size of the piece you wish to be tattooed. Easy 🙂

Do you Tattoo breast feeding and pregnant women?” This is strictly a no. you will be asked to sign a document clearly stating that you are NOT pregnant or breast feeding on the day of your tattoo booking. This is a legal document and agreement between yourself and the tattoo artist.

Do you charge an hourly rate? Or per piece?”  I quote per piece on smaller items (hand size and smaller) However, I work on a system of “All Day” ( 6 hours+)  or “Half Day” (up to 4 hours)   I will give you an estimated quote, and then a more accurate quote once the design is completed.

“How many hours can I book in for?” I work a maximum of 7 hours in any sitting, and are allocated to the “Half day” or “All day” slots this is to reduce fatigue and body strain on myself and YOU! If you are from interstate, and need a whole day booking a 50% deposit is to be paid to secure your appointment and an hour break will take place in between, this ensures I am focused on your piece and enables you to have a stretch and grab a bite to eat in between.

“Where are you located?”  Paper Moon Tattoo collective is a private studio based in Mile end, Adelaide Australia.

“Can I bring a Friend?” I prefer to work with just my client who is getting tattooed Plus, Your friends will get bored very quickly and it’s just not as fun standing around watching you get tattooed. The studio is also very small and space is limited.


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