Into The Ivy Arts Collective

Into The Ivy Arts Collective

2017 has welcomed the opening of Jess’s new private tattoo studio. Located 5 minutes from the Adelaide CBD the studio is a different approach from your traditional tattoo studio with focus on a “calm” experience and natural decor.

An Arts Collective is exactly that- a collection of arts. This means the space is shared with many working artists and not limited to tattooists Although, the tattoo room is a private area behind a locked door as so to not disturb the process and allow for total concentration from both the client and the artist.

“Tattoos are an art form and so my vision for -into the ivy- Is to not be separated or any different to your typical visual arts studio space. I want my clients to feel their bodies are a canvas, to be apart of the artwork- in fact; to be the artwork! and to walk away with not only a lasting piece of art, but a lasting memoir of the experience

Because, I believe this ancient art form holds a special journey- from the initial ideas, to the design, to the procedure itself it is strictly unique- and extremely personal.”

Jess Hannigan.