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Visual artist and creative Tattooist- Adelaide- Melbourne- Auckland - Hong Kong

Jess Hannigan


A blog about Tattoos| Art| Travel| Motherhood- and every thing in between…

The Paper Moon Tattoo Collective

The Paper Moon Tattoo Collective 2017 has welcomed the opening of Jess’ new private tattoo studio. Located in Adelaide CBD the studio is a different approach from your traditional tattoo …


OCTOBER 2017 will bring an exciting trip to Hong Kong! I will be Guesting with the prestigious “Bubble Gum Tattoo Workshop”in Kwai Chung, HK. Spots are filling up fast, and …

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About Jess

‘ I don’t want art to imitate life. I want art to be life.’ – Ernst Fischer



Jess is currently working on new body of works to exhibit in early- mid 2017. Please sign up for the newsletter to receive exclusive news on showcase, up coming exhibitions, tattoo conventions, available designs and travel plans.

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Artist Statement


Jess always prefers works where freedom of creation is granted, without many limitations the artworks are able to naturally evolve and so, take on a soul of their own.

Jess is not limited to water colours as a medium, often exploring the likes of Oils, acrylics, wood, textiles, spray paint, chalk and many more. She explores art and tattooing as an expression of herself, more intimately quoted as ‘ ….There is a genuine need to create and make marks, Often its a journey with the client or the canvas and the artwork is just the beginning …’

This need Allows Jess to pursue her passion tirelessly, and there is a love that shines through her artwork which is infectious and buoyant.